Truc Lam Temple

From the center of Da Lat city, the temple is located at a turnoff on the road towards Tuyen Lam Lake, on Phoenix Hill. It is the only temple in this huge area. This place offers you the peaceful atmosphere of a traditional Zen Buddhism temple. Let’s take a look at this special place of Da Lat city.

Truc Lam temple was built in 1993, and completed in 1994. It was designed by 3 most famous architects of Vie Nam: Vu Xuan Hung, Tran Duc Loc and Ngo Viet Thu. The temple is divided into five different areas: public area, Buddhist monastery, abbot’s place, and two domestic quarters, for monks and nuns separately. There are about 50 monks and 50 nuns living in these quarters. The abbot of Truc Lam Temple is Thích Thanh Từ, a famous monk of Viet Nam.

The spacious public area of Truc Lam Temple is estimated to be 1300m above sea level. From here, you can have a full overlook of Tuyen Lam Lake. The public area consists of a ceremonial hall on the right and guest facilities on the left. In the front of guest facilities, there is a big rose garden which makes Truc Lam more beautiful.

The big statue inside the ceremonial hall of Truc Lam temple is a Gautama Buddha seated on a huge lotus with the height of 2 meters. On the left of Gautama Buddha is Văn Thù Sư Lợi and on the right is Phổ Hiền Bodhisattva. They are famous for their wisdom and dedication. This hall is usually used in the 14th and 29th every lunar month, which is the eve of the full moon and new moon. Buddhists from all over the country always want to visit this place. It is estimated that there are nearly 2000 Buddhists and thousands of tourists gather together here every full moon and new moon. Obviously Truc Lam Temple is very famous and attractive.

Truc Lam Temple’s main spirit is Zen Buddhism, which was started by Emperor Tran Nhan Tong. The spirit is to create inner peace and happiness inside you by learning to calm yourself and empty your mind, which will keep you away from negative thoughts and evil purposes. The guest facilities of Truc Lam Temple welcome thousands of people who come to learn about inner peace and Zen Buddhism.
If you really want a true place for peace in Da Lat, you should come to Truc Lam Temple. We hope you have a great time here with your family and your friends.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is 5km south of Da Lat city. It has the surface area of 3,6 kilometer square, and it is a suitable place to go fishing, rowing or take a walk. This lake is next to Phoenix mountain, and it is also considered as the biggest lake in Da Lat. Let me show you something about this beautiful lake.

Tuyen Lam Lake is the perfect combination of nature. This area consists of lakes, jungle, beautiful flowers, small hills and some huge villas on the top of the hills. In the morning, the lake is very peaceful and quiet. The surface is covered with thin fog which makes the lake look more mysterious and attractive. When the sun is high, Tuyen Lam Lake is blue like the ocean, beautiful like a blue sapphire. Walking or going fishing at those times of the day will make tourists feel extremely peaceful, relaxed. The feeling that Tuyen Lam Lake brings you is not like any other places on this earth. That’s a special point of this lake.

Tuyen Lam Lake is next to Truc Lam pagoda. If tourists want to have a whole view of this area, Truc Lam is the perfect place. The view from this pagoda will take your heart away. Honestly, I fell in love with the beauty of this marvelous lake. What you see from here is only can be described in fairy tales. The green color of pines, blue of Tuyen Lam Lake with the cool wind in your hair will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

You can choose normal boat or speed boat to visit the lake. It’s the best way to feel the love of Tuyen Lam Lake offer you. After that, join your friends and family on a good picnic on the lakeshore. It will take you nearly one day to visit all Tuyen Lam lake areas. All the gardens, the hills and villas here are fascinating. You may even consider to buy a villa here. Native people and staff here are very friendly and helpful. They will help you as much as they can. You don’t even have to worry anything about security. This place is safe and secured. Oh and did I mention the food in Tuyen Lam area is awesome? You really should try the food here.

In the future, Tuyen Lam Lake will be a modern complex consists of many 5 star hotels and restaurants, international hospitals, ecological tourist area and many elite services. That is the improvement of Da Lat to offer tourists from all over the world their best services at Tuyen Lam lake and in Da Lat city.
We hope you enjoy your vacation here.

Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain is the most amazing place in Da Lat. It is located in Lac Duong district, 12km away from Da Lat city. Its peak is 2167 meters above sea level. Langbiang is considered as the rooftop of Da Lat, and the must-come place when you get to this city. Let’s take a look at this interesting mountain.

Langbiang is said to be named after a couple in a legend. Their name was K’lang and H’biang. They loved each other so much but the two families disagreed, so they decided to kill themselves to make their parents understand. After their deaths, two families were very regretful and people decided to name the mountain after their names: Langbiang, to memorize their beautiful love forever.

Tourists have two ways to get to the top of Langbiang. You can choose to walk to the peak of the mountain. That’s a good way to enjoy the beauty of Langbiang. Trees and flowers on two sides of the way that leads to the peak is awesome. Or you can choose jeep as your transportation if you like something “extreme”. With only 50.000VND each person, you will have one hell of a ride to the top. That will be an unforgettable memory for you to tell your friends about Langbiang.

On the top of Langbiang mountain, you will find it marvelous to have the view of the whole big city and Lam Vien Highland. You will never forget that breathtaking scene that mother nature gave Da Lat city. Oh, and they also have grilled meat there. Nothing like eating hot grilled meat in the weather of 15 degrees. Pork, beef and even crocodile meat is awesome. You really should try when you get to the top of Langbiang

In the late afternoon after coming back from the peak, you should join native people here in their campfire party. Wine drunk out of a jar through pipes, rice cooked inside bamboo tree, grilled chicken and traditional dancing moves will bring you the feeling that no other party in this world can offer. Be wild, have fun and enjoy your vacation here in Langbiang. If you visit Langbiang without joining this party, you’ll miss all the fun.
There is a camping site in Langbiang. You may stay there to enjoy the mountainous atmosphere at night, feel the love of nature and hear the sound of the pine jungle at night. It’s all the experience of Langbiang that you should not miss.
We hope you have a great time with your friends and family at the tallest mountain in Da Lat: Langbiang mountain.

Dream Hill

Dream Hill is located on Mai Anh Dao street., Da Lat city, next to Valley of Love. It’s also called minimized Da Lat, or minimized Tay Nguyen for its beauty and attraction. Dream Hill is not as famous as Valley of Love or Xuan Huong lake, but it’s worth to visit and very amazing. Let’s take a look at this place.
Dream Hill is famous for villas, beautiful gardens, small lakes, souvenir shops, restaurants and parks. That’s why people call it “little Da Lat”. The hill has everything that this city has. In the middle of the Hill, there is a big tree called “Tree of Wealth and Happiness”. You can write down on papers hanged on the tree about what you wish for. The papers make the Wealth and Happiness tree full of red and pink color. It witnesses many hopes, loves from tourists all over the world.

Another special place inside Dream Hill is the Great Wall. It is the minimized version of The Great Wall of China. With the length of 2km, the unique Great Wall in Dream Hill will bring great experiences for those who have never been to the real Wall before. You will discover many interesting things and have a whole view of Dream Hill from the Wall. This structure is designed to make tourists feel relaxed, free and close to nature. This will be an unforgetable experience for tourists coming to Dream Hill.

Ancient House, one of the most special structures of Dream Hill, will amaze tourists with its special points. This house was originally built in Binh Dinh province. It was divided into many small parts to be delivered to Da Lat. Ancient House is 300 years old, and is a traditional house of Viet Nam, which is rarely found all over this country right now. In this house, there is a table called Spinning Table. It will automatically spin without any force or any impact. That’s really amazing and mysterious in Dream Hill.

If you are a flower and nature lovers, you will definitely love Central Garden. This garden is a special spot of Dream Hill with many kinds of flowers such as lavender, rose, begonia, fragipane, bougainvillea, and many many more kinds of trees and flowers. This place is very ideal for tourists to take some nice pictures.

Golden Waterfall is another beautiful location of Dream Hill. Covered by many kinds of trees, Golden Waterfall will take your heart away with its beauty. The combination of the waterfall sound and the sound of pine jungle will make tourists feel like they’re in heaven.
Come to Dream Hill of Da Lat and feel the atmosphere of peace, love. We hope you will have great and amazing experience in Dream Hill.

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is a beautiful lake located in the middle of Da Lat city. The lake is covered with pine jungle and green lawn. This is an ideal place for tourists to walk around or take carriages to travel around the lake. Let’s take a look at Xuan Huong Lake with us.

The lake is called Xuan Huong because flowers around it are very beautiful and attractive, and the smell of flowers is very sweet. Xuan Huong means attractive smell of flowers in spring. Xuan Huong Lake originally was a valley where Cam Ly spring went through. But French engineer Libber cut through Cam Ly spring to create this lake. Its first name was Grand Lac. In 1953, Nguyen Vy, the major of the town, named the lake Xuan Huong Lake. The lake is also known as the mirror of the city, make Da Lat more attractive, mysterious and beautiful.

Xuan Huong Lake is the heart of Da Lat city, and one of the most special cities in the world which have a lake inside the city. This lake creates the attraction and specialize Da Lat, make it look like a mystery princess hiding behind a mirror.
What is the most special architecture that connects to Xuan Huong Lake. It definitely is Thuy Ta. At first, this building was called La Grenouillère. Thuy Ta means an architecture located on a lake. Thuy Ta is very special. It is a white building with a long hallway. From a distance, it looks like a beautiful yacht. Thuy Ta also is a small café bar. People want to enlarge this building, but it is so familiar to Da Lat and Xuan Huong Lake, so the government decides to leave it alone. You should visit this place when you have a chance to come to Xuan Huong Lake, and take some photos for yourself.

Try to find a hotel near Xuan Huong Lake, because the view of the lake at night is so marvelous. The cool atmosphere of the lake will make you feel like you are in paradise. You can also take a speed boat to go around the lake and enjoy the natural beauty of Xuan Huong.
“Bicycle racing route around Xuan Huong Lake” is also an annual bicycle race organized by HTV television company. If you like biking and sight-seeing at the same time, sign up for this

Valley of Love

Valley of Love is the most famous and romantic place in Da Lat city. It is located 5km north from the center of the city. Valley of Love is considered to be very well-known and attract a lot of tourists every day for its romance and beauty. Let’s us show you some interesting things about it.

Valley of Love, originally named Valley d'Amour by the French, has a huge and very beautiful lake called Da Thien Lake. From the lake, tourists can climb up stairs, go around the lakeshore and walk through many romantic gates decorated with flowers. Couples from all over the world find it really interesting and romantic to travel around the lake together. The stairs led to Vong Canh Hill, where you can have a big view of Valley of Love. From the hill, you can find a way to climb up Langbiang Mountain. Or you can pass small bridges which led to Dia Dang Hill, a must-come place for every couple who visit Da Lat City.

Inside Valley of Love, there is a special garden called Tieu Son (Little Mountain) Garden. The garden is covered with huge trees and various kind of flowers and orchids. Another special thing about this garden is the statue of Adam and Eva, which is very interesting to tourists.

There are many way travel around Valley of Love. You can ride bicycle, ride horse, or you can hire a carriage to travel around Valley with your lover. If you want to have a view from the lake, you should hire a speed boat. The scene from Da Thien Lake is very amazing. It is also highly recommended that you should take a jeep to travel around Valley of Love. That will be a lifetime experience to try this.

Food in Valley of Love is another experience that you should not miss. Com Nam (a special kind of rice) and roast pork are really delicious. You should also try Ruou Can (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) is very popular among the highlanders, especially in Tay Nguyen. It’s really worth to try these food.
Native people and staffs in Valley of Love are very friendly. They will help you with everything they can do. They will show you the way to wherever you want to go, help you to find cheap souvenirs and where to get best food. They may even invite you to join traditional parties with them.

If you like sports, you may try paint gun. Pretty fun to play with your friends and completely safe!
Valley of Love has become more interesting than ever. It is one of the most famous, interesting places to go picnic and visit when you are on a tour to Da Lat. We hope you find it interesting and amazing in Valley of Love.